An interregnum ia a period of discontinuity (usually between the rule of two monarchs) – a period of interruption, a hiatus. The gap opens suddenly and closes just as suddenly; and when it closes the insights gained there are easily obscured, forgotten even. Yet the interregnum is also an opportunity to explore the things on either side of it, the before and after.

madhya is the still point between two phases of movement… all movement arises from a point of stillness. That still point is an open door into the heart of the universe … you are able to step back to look and to think…” 


“God is at the midpoint between all things.”

 St. Julian of Norwich

Yesterday I was on the London Underground with my family when, after the crowded train had disappeared into its flashing tunnel, we were left in an eerie silence, with only a soft cold breeze left from the departing train. It was a welcome respite from the Underground rush. We were between stations, we were in an interregnum, the place between.

Back in South Africa I am, briefly, neither here nor there, and oddly free of both. As an invisible traveller, I briefly found an unexpected freedom – a freedom among other things from South Africa’s confining narratives of race and culpability.

Briefly, in travelling, the weight was lifted, yet already the interregnum begins to close.

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