The Three Days.

Pope Francis told priests in a solemn Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica on Holy Thursday that God is mercy, not ‘complicated theology’.

“Speaking directly to thousands of priests in attendance for the liturgy, the pontiff later said that Jesus had called for ministers “who are poor, hungry, prisoners of war, without a future, cast to one side and rejected.”

“As priests, we identify with people who are excluded, people the Lord saves,” said the pope. “We remind ourselves that there are countless masses of people who are poor, uneducated, prisoners, who find themselves in such situations because others oppress them.”

The pontiff said that after God grants someone forgiveness through God’s mercy they are immediately restored to their full dignity.

“God does not only forgive incalculable debts … he also enables us to move directly from the most shameful disgrace to the highest dignity without any intermediary stages,” said Francis.

In his words directly to priests, the pontiff said they sometimes also feel trapped “by a digital, virtual worldliness that is opened and closed by a simple click.”

“We are oppressed not by threats and pressures like so many poor people, but by the allure of a thousand commercial advertisements which we cannot shrug off to walk ahead, freely, along paths that lead us to love of our brothers and sisters, to the Lord’s flock, to the sheep who wait for the voice of their shepherds,” he said.

Francis ended the homily by mentioning his ongoing Jubilee year of mercy, asking that God will “let us commit ourselves anew to bringing God’s mercy to all men and women, and performing those works which the Spirit inspires in each of us for the common good of the entire faithful People of God.”

Citation: National Catholic Reporter Online

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