in a dream

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Last night in a dream:

I move slowly through a bombed-out second world war town in a Sherman tank. 

It is hot and stuffy inside; the driver tells me in a cheerful american drawl that I’ll get used to it. I can smell diesel, metal, sweat.

Yesterday I watched as the autumn wind caught a glittering cloud of maple samaras and sent them spinning to the ground.

Dreams and memories: intangible impressions.

In another dream I am charged by a leopard. It is close enough for me to see its wild, amber eyes. I kick out at the animal and throw myself out of bed.

My wire haired fox terrier has dreams of his own: little yelps, his small body twitching as his dog-soul runs in a dream-landscape of his own. In his dog-dream, is he chasing a cat, a lizard, a hadeda? or is his sleep disturbed by some anxiety, some half-remembered cruelty or unkind tone of voice? I can never know.

Like the spiralling samara seeds, the spiralling galaxies, man, God and the angels, even my little companion is a mystery to me.

Picture credit: A maple seed. From

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