Thank you Mr. Vandorgyules

A response to Mr Vandorgyules: (See my blog post: “X”: A letter from Mr Vandorgyules”).

Thank you Mr. Vandorgyules for your letter.

My left thumb has been marked with purple ink: I have voted. Whether this is an act of courage or compliance I’m not sure – although I suspect the latter. Your letter on the subject has a certain bravura about it; perhaps that was your intent? David and Goliath: really? Did you feel this hyperbole was a necessary counter to my cynicism? But now the vote is cast: we good citizens (or are we comrades, or consumers?) who stood patiently in line (rubbing shoulders, yet oddly remote from eachother’s worlds) can return to ignoring eachother’s predicaments from the relative safety of our mutual distrust and self-satisfied political enclaves. Heaven forbid an election might disrupt the comfort of our paradigms!

Soon we will reflect on the smoke and mirrors of this election, peer through the colourful fumes perchance to observe the machinations of those responsible for the magic show.




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