Weltschmerz (II)

“Our society runs off of unbelievable and unattainable ideals, powered by endless desires. It is, to be tart, a useless rat race, and oftentimes a malignant one at that.

It is the realization that this is what life is which leads to Weltschmerz. I’m not claiming that everyone experiences Weltschmerz, though. Weltschmerz is a meta-emotion, a reaction to the observation of all the other emotions we experience. So it is not surprising that not everyone experiences Weltschmerz because not everyone has taken the time to objectively look at life in all its colors, pretty and ugly alike.”

darthbarracuda, a blogger at http://thephilosophyforum.com/discussion/171/on-weltschmerz/p1

(Thanksdarthbarracuda, I hope you don’t object to my quoting you here.)

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