The First World’s Whore

“The CAP(1) is estimated to cause the developing countries a welfare loss in the region of US$20 billion annually, which is twice Kenya’s entire GDP. This is according to a report by international monitoring organisation, Global Financial Integrity (GFI), which released a new report on illegal capital flight this week. The report tracks illegal outflows from 2003 to 2012.”


“South Africa is losing roughly R147-billion per year to the illegal movement of money out of the country.”

“WASHINGTON, DC – A record US$991.2 billion in illicit capital flowed out of developing and emerging economies in
2012—facilitating crime, corruption, and tax evasion—according to the latest study released today by Global
Financial Integrity (GFI), a Washington, DC-based research and advisory organization.”

Comment by Benjámin Vándorgyűlés:

“Frankly it’s easier for the “First World” to send us it’s UN celebrity-“ambassadors”, well-meaning NGO’s, outraged rockstars and concerned Royal family members to play soccer with barefoot kids in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, than it is to meaninfully introspect and interrogate it’s complicity in policies which serve to keep the “Developing World” poor. This is not to say that the humanitarian gestures represented above are insincere or without value, or to lay all the blame for Africa’s woes on the First World. But to ignore the policies which maintain the imbalances – that entrench disadvantage – is simply to avoid engaging with the real issues. Take a look at the statistics quoted above: clearly there are those with a vested interest in keeping Africa poor. John Pilger’s “Freedom next time” is worth reading if only to remind us to be wary – even cynical – when it comes to the global north’s declared philanthropy.

As long as deals are struck under the table between wealthy, neo-liberal capitalist elites and Africa’s complicit kleptocrats, Africa will continue to be pimped out as the First World’s street-whore. Africa has too long been a destination for imperialist adventurers hell-bent on dominion – the rape and pillage of empire which continues today in neo-liberal economics. 

(1)The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the agricultural policy of the European Union.


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