Our country is burning

“Our burning universities, are a mirror of the country that has reached a boiling point. Our country is burning. The threat of national university shutdown places us in a dire state. There will be no medical interns for our overloaded public hospitals, no subsidies for the universities and a bottleneck for the new matriculating entrants which cannot be accommodated.

Our President, meanwhile, is missing in action. But his hand through his hired underlings sees punitive, and what many in our country strongly believe, trumped up set of charges being brought against our Minister of Finance.

And to add insult to injury, the only Ministry able to deal with financing the timetable to free education is left out of the Cabinet sub-committee he has appointed to deal with this education crisis. It is dominated by securocrats, sending a clear message to students that this Government is determined to push through a security solution. That irresponsible decision, with an undertrained and understaffed police force, can only lead to more Marikanas.”

JAY NAIDOO, Daily Maverick, 15 OCT 2016 11:49 (SOUTH AFRICA)


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