The sound of burning

Daily Maverick article by Diana Neille




“Having a president with 783 charges hanging over him is an entirely different, acceptable position. (South Africa is nothing if not a King Lear/Fawlty Towers mash-up.)


What we have is a culture of impunity for those who act irregularly in order to enrich themselves, provided they enjoy the protection of and offer loyalty to the president.

“The most striking and obvious sense of crisis, then, is a crisis of legality that feeds into a sense of readiness to plunder, for the perpetrators seldom face consequences. No one places any weight on calls for zero tolerance of corruption when the plunderer-in-chief, Jacob Zuma, makes such a call.

“The ANC… cannot agree on a process of removing (Zuma). This is because the lessons drawn from this prospect of defeat are not to cleanse the organisation but to find ways of defending the processes of private accumulation and protecting wrongdoers, including Zuma himself, from future prosecution.”


Op-Ed: South Africa in crisis – how do we get out of it?

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