Animal Farm (revisited)

Who gives a damn about ethics, anyway?

Scientists Spawn Human-Pig ‘Chimeras’

“California scientists have engineered human-pig hybrids, injecting human stem cells into pig embryos to develop for a trimester in surrogate sows. The goal is to create pigs with a few human cells, paving the way for animals to grow specific human organs for transplants.”

We forget that Frankenstein was not originally the name of the monster itself, but of the mad scientist who created the enslaved creature.

“the subject ( the making of monsters) is one that has deeper connections to our plight as human beings. If anything, Frankenstein is a symbol for the ‘hidden’ hideous crimes against humanity by those that are most definitely ‘soulless’.

What man inflicts on his fellow humans and on animals is the work of a Dr Frankenstein. Vivisection, the harvesting of organs and blood from caged anumals, experimentation: when the Nazis and Japanese  committed these atrocities during WW2 it was labelled criminal. Today, scientists pursue their dark arts with impunity. But what does that say about our humanity?


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