“There is no truth in Pravda” (“there is no truth in truth”) – disaffected Russians would say wryly of their Soviet era newspaper Pravda (Правда).

Right now the very concept of truth is itself again under attack. Concepts like “alternative facts”, “fake news” and “Post truth” suggest we are already in the dystopian nightmare Aldous Huxley predicted.

“We are all drowning in filth. When I talk to anyone or read the writings of anyone who has any axe to grind, I feel that intellectual honesty and balanced judgement have simply disappeared from the face of the earth. … Everyone is dishonest, and everyone is utterly heartless towards people who are outside the immediate range of his own interests. What is most striking of all is the way sympathy can be turned on and off like a tap according to political expediency.” -George Orwell

“In our increasingly tribalistic political landscape, each side or faction lives in its own separate reality, where it feels not merely entitled to its own opinions, but increasingly to its own facts as well.”– Conor Lynch – Salon

“People that say facts are facts — they’re not really facts. There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.” – Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes



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