Fake gnus


President Trump seems obsessed with fake gnus. I guess this obsession must be based on some real threat by cardboard antelope, or perhaps a fear of wooden decoy wildebeests mounted on wheels. These might of course be quite sinister things, and represent a very real danger to the US, in spite of their ridiculous appearance. And let us not forget the tale of The Wooden Horse of Troy, and how – with a cunning ruse – the wheeled gift from the Greeks spewed forth enemy agents who opened the gates, precipitating the capture of the city of Troy. What if Mr Trump is referring to some wooden Gnu wheeled in to Washington by nefarious Russian spies? Fake gnus may represent a very real threat to the security of the United States. And here is a lesson to be learned from history about walls: the Trojans had a very large amazing wall built to protect them from their enemies – and yet it was breached by deceit. So: fake gnus are a threat not to be underestimated…


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