we do not know that we do not know

Let us suppose for a moment that those purveyors of certainties – those militant, scoffing atheists of the shabby, Dawkins variety – are correct with their confident “THERE IS NO GOD” dogmas. (And let us assume that both they, and we, know what they even mean by that exhausted and multivalent word “God”). Let us assume we mean some sort of cosmic mind or intelligence does not exist). Let us suppose that everything is – as some of my atheist friends assert – “random”.

The reality which surrounds us remains a fundamental challenge to this assertion. The universe remains a riddle that the sneering atheist’s dismissiveness fails to address.

Whether a diatom or a galaxy, life poses questions.

I am wary of answers.

I have long found it curious how much  believers and their unbelieving detractors have in common: inflexible certitude.

There is just so much we do not know. Our limited point of observation is itself a barrier to insight. 

Scanning electron microscopy reveals the mysterious world of the small just as well as the Hubble telescope reveals the magnitude of space.

Riddle within a riddle.

See: http://www.metanexus.net/essay/intelligent-design-coming-clean



Diatom © Steve Schmeissner

diatom (1)

Above: microscopic image of a diatom


Above: actinoptychus (unknown source)



Above: http://experimentwithnature.com/03-found/the-diatomist/#.WMF1BRKGOV4
The Diatomist from Matthew Killip. See: https://vimeo.com/90160649


Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 5.42.17 PM
A Scaled Chrysophyte cell with overlapping siliceous scales (Mallomonas lychenensis). SEM
© Dr. Peter Siver, Visuals Unlimited, Inc.



Scanning electron microscope image of the eye on a leaf miner moth. (Photo: Dartmouth College)



Fern spore (unknown source)









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