The ugly truth about SA white land ownership

“Julius Malema is a devotee of the Goebbels/Stalin/Mao rulebook on propaganda which preaches if you tell a lie enough times, people will eventually believe it. Witness the EFF leader’s racist ranting about who should own South Africa’s land. He was at it again last week outside the magistrate’s court in my boyhood home of Newcastle, stirring murderous thoughts in revolutionary breasts. But Malema’s self-righteous belief that he can force expropriation of legally owned land has been made once too often. A long overdue assessment has now been provided by Rian Malan, author of globally acclaimed bestsellers including My Traitor’s Heart. Malan’s piece is republished with permission from James Myburgh’s excellent The result is a lashing of Eton College circa-1700 proportions. As you might surmise, Malema’s sweeping hyperbole collapses under historical scrutiny. But it is the way Malan shares research into the history of his little patch of 1200 square metres that makes this piece so compelling. Will exposure to the truth change the recently graduated EFF leader’s approach to a highly complex reality? Probably not. He is, after all, a politician – a breed who rarely allow facts to get in the way of their vote-catching narrative. But it is sure inform the rest of us. And as we maintain at Biznews, one must never underestimate the intelligence of the common man or woman once empowered with knowledge which helps make up their own mind. Goebbels, Stalin and Mao didn’t have to contend with the information-democratising power of the internet. Malema does.  – Alec Hogg

By Rian Malan

There is an interesting riposte to Malan by Mandla Seleoane at


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