Every day I look for Christ

“Every day I look for Christ. Sometimes I sense His presence, sometimes I am aware only of His two thousand year absence from the world. Sometimes I find Him begging at my gate, or hungry and sniffing glue under a Jozi motorway bridge. I find Him in the shattered form of a bird hit by a speeding car, in the twisted form of a spastic child whom the televangelist did not heal, in the moth dying in a candle flame, in the scream of animals in a slaughter house, or struggling under a vivisectionist’s instrument of torture, the groan of an elephant felled by an egotistical hunter, in the growing old and frail of those who once were young and beautiful, in the disillusionment and hope of a people struggling to be free, in the last leaves clinging to late autumn branches, in the cold, blood-red sunset of a highveld winter sunset.”– Benjamin Vandorgyules

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