Just another dirty little sellout

Andile Mngxitama’s Gupta begging bowl


How disappointing.


Once I thought that here was an angry black nationalist with a raison d’être, with a modicum of integrity. I didn’t like what Mngxitama had to say: he’d happily have me shot just for being alive and white. As a white male I was always going to be in his crosshairs – but in some perverse and pyrrhonistic way I was glad he was out there making his position clear on the pertinent South African issues of structural and economic injustice, race and land. I even found myself, at times, defending his ideological excesses, his less-than-original blacks can’t be racist narrative which, I argued – with the hand-wringing angst of any self-respecting white liberal – was not some fascist aberration but a defensible if problematic position advanced by CRT (Critical Race Theorists).

I read with a sort of perverse interest his thin self-published pamphlets, listened to – or read – his bigotry (it was never oratory) and vitriolic, and tried to suspend my inclination to think of him as just one more thuggish shouter.

But nah: truth will out.

He’s yet another – my God, another! – sell out: the classic pseudo-revolutionary/crypto-capitalist who is simply, well, motivated by base envy and compromised values.

Orwell’s Animal Farm was a warning about the pigs who become indistinguishable from the farmers, no?(indistinguishable or worse perhaps, because of their betrayal of the other animals.)

And the quoted-to-the-point-of -abuse Franz Fanon warned us of the postcolonial petite bourgeoisie to come who would merely emulate their colonial masters’ values. How right he was. Here Jacob Zuma, Andile Mngxitama and Julius Malema are all cut from the same shabby cloth: Rolex-activists, comprador capitalists, purveyors of worn-out revolutionary tropes (and catchphrases manufactured by a British PR firm!), appropriating the ideas of better men, and using the integrity of better men (I’m thinking of Steve Biko) as a smokescreen for their own hypocrisy, their selfish, nay, filthy-scoundrel-capitalist interests

The breaking “Gupta Leaks” scandal has served, at very least, to expose the lies and deceit of the fawning acolytes of the Gupta-Zuma alliance.

And how many, many acolytes there appear to be: a rogues gallery of obsequious obeisance by so-called leaders of our people towards a criminal, immigrant, mafia-Indian family.

How did this happen, Andile?

When did you decide to sell your soul for a few copper coins?

When was the “revolution” sold out?

Was it ever a revolution, or was it always going to be an exchange of exploitative masters?

“…controversial PR firm Bell Pottinger attempted to salvage the reputations of the Gupta and Zuma families by portraying them as victims of a racist backlash by “white monopoly capital”. (Daily Maverick: AMABHUNGANE and SCORPIO).

And thus our little Andile went begging, his bowl outstretched to the Bell Pottinger-backed Guptas who have been consistently and brazenly raping our nation while the complicit Zuma sniggers, his ANC sycophants cheering.

Reactionaries are writing posts to the effect of “BLF (Black Land First) finds it acceptable to beg for money from the Gupta colonisers, who were not citizens of this country a mere 20 years ago, but he lambasts the so called “WMC” (White Monopoly Capital) which has been investing in our country for the last hundred plus years. Bigots!” (Business Day).


Are they wide off the mark?

It amuses me in a very bitter, Cioran-esque way: my vice – the vice of the settler-white, the detritus of the colonial expedition, that discredited and despised ancienne regime, the sins of commission and omission which have left us on the shit-pile of history – is eminently described and prescribed, my guilt indelible, my fate sealed. But what are we to make of the vices of the new regime, the good lads upon whom history and the world has smiled, of the mafia malefactors who have betrayed the people?



A friend always signs off his emails to me,

“A luta continua, vitória é certa!” (“The struggle continues, victory is certain!”).

Is he just an idealist, or am I just a cynic?

It seems to me our democracy was born in the filth of corruption (Remember “The Arms Deal“? No? Oh, let me remind you that British and German investigators found bribes of over one billion rand were paid to facilitate the deal which Jacob Zuma (our noble President), Thabo Mbeki (our former noble President), Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik, Fana Hlongwane, Tony Yengeni and others brokered. As always, the chief amongst the rogues escaped justice and are hailed as African heroes. Anyone read “After the Party” by Andrew Feinstein, ANC Member of Parliament and the former African National Congress leader of Parliament’s public accounts watchdog Scopa? (http://www.corruptionwatch.org.za/the-arms-deal-what-you-need-to-know-2/)

We have short memories, we South Africans.

We are as short on memory as we are on ethics it seems.

My God.

So yeah: I guess the struggle continues.


The struggle seems increasingly a still-born betrayal, while victory seems to be in the fat and greasy hands of violent men, charlatans and thieves.

How did this happen, Andile?

When did you join the ranks of the morally bankrupt?

We’ll check out those emails, shall we?

You’ll deny any wrong-doing, of course, like your handlers, your masters.

“I have done no wrong”, says the evil man.

I never thought of Mngxitama as a fawning acolyte, but there we have it: dear Andile, another dirty little sellout, one more acolyte of the Guptas.

The Gupta PR firm (yep: the conservative, pro-Pinochet, white, anglo-saxon Protestant-founded Bell Pottinger) found a useful catchphrase in “white monopoly capital” – now exposed as a manufactured smokescreen to distract from the sinister narrative of state capture, of a silent coup d’etat.

And who is thick with the knaves and thieves?

Who is in bed with racist, mafia elites betraying the Struggle, the poor, the people?

Well yes: half the corrupt and compromised ANC it appears!

There are so many.

My schadenfreude is on steroids; but In an odd way, I regret the fall of Mngxitama.

I guess I am writing this dismal little rant  (or is it spiteful trolling?) – because I’m disappointed, disappointed that so few seem to have integrity anymore: even supposed revolutionaries go whoring after the same tawdry trinkets as the very ancienne regime they claim to despise.

The Struggle has petered out into a stinking swill of dismal kleptocracy, a pigsty of the basest vice.

Shame on you, Andile, for going cap-in-hand to the Guptas.

And perhaps shame on us all, except perhaps for the weak, the sick, the poor, the voiceless, the despised, the discarded, whom history sees betrayed over and over again.










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