Each new day brings the question

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Discerning the Will of God

“The will of God can lie hidden very deep under many available possibilities. And because it is not a predetermined system of rules, but new and different in different life situations, the will of God must be tested again and again. Heart, mind, observation, and experience must work together in this testing. Precisely because it is no longer a question of one’s own knowledge of good and evil, but of the living will of God, precisely because it is not at our own human disposal but solely by the grace of God that we know his will, and precisely because this grace is and want to be new every morning, this testing of the will of God must be taken very seriously. Neither the voice of the heart nor some kind of inspiration nor some kind of generally valid principle can be confused with the will of God, which is revealed anew on to the one testing it … The knowledge of Jesus Christ–the metamorphosis, the renewal, the love, or however one might express it–is something that is alive and not something given once for all, something fixed and possessed. For this reason each new day brings the question how–today and here and in this situation–I will remain with God, with Jesus Christ, and be preserved in this new life. This very question, however, is the meaning of the testing of what the will of God is.”

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