Silence has consequences

“Silence is moral cowardice when human rights are trampled on. Silence was not acceptable during apartheid. Silence is not acceptable now either just because people who look and sound different to ourselves are the targets of our frustrations with a broken society. If you choose to be silent then you are complicit in the xenophobic violence.

There is an uncritical belief among some people that we are only responsible for what we do. But we are also responsible for what we do not do. If we have the power to do something that could reduce injustice in society without great risk to our own wellbeing then we have moral reason to act.

You are not beyond reproach because you choose to turn a blind eye to injustice. You are, in fact, an important silent ingredient in the perpetuation of violence.

Silence has consequences. Silence is not morally neutral.”

– Eusebius McKaiser Beware the fake empathy of liberals, 


Liberalism isn’t married to capitalism



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