Anyone else feel like life is a joke?

I came across some only-just-tolerable responses at Reddit to the question posed above. Not the bullshit, hackneyed motivational speaker kind of response, or – God forbid! – some religious platitude or dusty philosopher’s wisdom. Just a few reddit posts by anonymous writers like “dahlsoaur”, “electrictoothpaste”,  “shinobiflip”, “deleted” and “jesswonders”:

“There are many here among us who feel like that.”

“The eternal cosmic joke but gotta move ahead.”

(Why? Lately I realized it’s pretty much just a game that we all decide to play. But why keep playing? We just collectively made these rules up for ourselves. It’s so weird. I urge you to listen to strangers on the street as you pass by. Listen in on what they’re talking about. It’s amazing to hear about things that other people think matter. I can’t keep doing this anymore.”

“Every day. It kind of is. We should be having fun, enjoying whatever time we have. Instead, everyone around me seems to be obsessed with pointless goals – their job, their investments, their busy social schedule. Eventually, we’ll all just die and it won’t matter how important our job was or whether we had a lot of friends. I don’t understand how people put so much energy into so many things that mean nothing in the end.”

“that’s the joke”

“Nice to hear others sum up what I’ve felt for years. it’s a gift and a horrible curse though. see, you gain all this hypersensitive empathy and compassion that is nearly on a superhuman level, and your perception of life from an existential standpoint gives you the amazing ability to philosophize and see things for what they truly are. the issue in this is meeting people with the same mindset. it’s difficult. but they’re out there, and I encourage you to take some humanities classes on philosophy or take up reading it yourself. it really helped me to know there were people thousands of years ago who really had it right, and that modern society has been so diluted and watered down with materials and commodities that it’s not really ME that is sick- it’s everyone else. it helps you to realize that you’re not the shallow freak, and that maybe there are others out there who feel the same. people like Christopher McAndless (aka Supertramp, of Into the Wild fame) who lived a life of solitude in the wilderness in an attempt to “kill the false being within”. he found, ironically, that “happiness was only real when shared” as he wrote in his journal before his untimely death. Life is a cruel irony but I find it to be cynically humorous a lot of the time. if you don’t take yourself too seriously you can at least laugh at the mediocre “joke” that human existence proves itself to be.”

At Quora there was the inevitable hogwash about neuroplasticity and how to “create sunshine in your life, and forget the dark. ” (Thank you, William Ranger, who, according to his sunshiney post, has “overcome many obstacles, and won”.) Nothing more demotivating that irritatingly motivated people. Nothing more depressing than positive people (who has read Voltaire’s Candide?)

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