Globalization and the Prosperity Gospel: the colonization of Africa’s soul.

This is a link to an interesting paper on the “Prosperity Gospel” in Africa, as a manifestation of globalization.
ST Kgatla – Asian J. Soc. Sci. Arts Human, 2013
Prof S T Kgatla
Department of Science of Religion and Missiology
University of Pretoria, Pretoria


“Modern Western Mission has often been a movement from the powerful to the powerless and vulnerable. Christian mission, for example, regarded all people as objects of God’s salvific
will and plan, a vision usually embedded in a sense of cultural superiority. Thus Christians undertook missionary journeys from the source to those claimed to be lost; and the missionaries were often accompanied by people who used similar approaches but were driven by political ideology, greed and other motives. In its wake, Christianity has left indelible marks of colonialism, Western civilization, trade, slavery and cultural domination. Now that
the former colonies of the Western countries (especially in Africa) have gained independence, the West’s methods to retain economic and cultural dominance have become
more sophisticated. Globalization has become a covert method of neo-colonialism whose objectives remain domination and taking advantage of the vulnerable, despite its apparently
lofty ideals. Globalization continues to lure poor countries into more misery and dependence on the power of Western countries with promises of “salvation” from their poverty – with
enslaving propaganda claiming that their eventual salvation lies in their total embrace of capitalism and Western culture. Missiology, as branch of Theology, cannot remain uninterested or neutral to the menace of globalization and its promises of utopia. It needs to take a critical stance, for the sake of integrity of the Christian Gospel and creation to all manifestations of globalization. These should be subjected to rigorous analysis and appraisal,
as this paper attempts to do. The paper examines the close connection between colonialist strategies and new methods of enslaving poor people undetected. The Americanisation of Third World countries, the creation of a Western hegemony through the media, consumerism, the prosperity doctrine and obesity patterns are investigated. The net effect of these trends in
globalization are scrutinized.”


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