Marx revisited.


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“Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are transforming the world of work and the human condition. The promise of new technology is changing our attitudes to work, life and leisure – change will be forced upon us, not least because the idea that the means to life should be conditional on employment is now bankrupt. The increasing supply of labour is looking for employment within an economy in which demand for labour is falling dramatically. Pricing labour according to supply versus demand has driven millions into destitution – one only has to look at youth unemployment in Europe for the evidence.

“The protestant work ethic was a product of the industrial revolution and we’ve been conditioned from birth to believe that without a job, we are incomplete human beings. Is the right to be lazy immoral or is being enslaved to this abusive and destructive political economy a grave error in human thinking?

“Antiwork – a radical shift in how we view “jobs” by Brian Dean
Over a decade into the 21st century, we seem as work-obsessed as ever. Is it time for a progressive reframing of workand leisure?

“If you are in any doubt as to what the future holds in terms of employment, watch “Humans need not apply” – that is the cold, hard reality of today’s political economy.”
Our Alienation from Work By Summer Pappachen | Sep 25, 2017



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