Down the rabbit hole

From END OF GOD, A Blog by Josh de Keijzer:

“The process of deconstruction entails not only encountering the anomaly but naming it, identifying it. The necessity of naming the anomaly presents itself as a moral obligation and when it does you realize there is going to be a cost to following the deconstruction rabbit trail. People will reject you, you will find yourself losing everything that provided protection and security, you have to shift gear toward a new outlook, a new belief system and you know that there is no way back and also no way forward to another belief system that provides simply an alternative sense of security.

Deconstruction requires you to realize that you are basically thrown into this world and that there aren’t really that many answers to the deepest questions that haunt us: Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Where will I go when I die? Is there anything I can know for sure?

This doesn’t mean, however, that the end of faith deconstruction looks the same for everyone or that it leads to the same location. It means that we know how to carry our questions with us and find meaning precisely in not having them answered. Some will find new faith communities, others will stop going to church, while yet others find consolation in another religion. This varied outcome is partly the result of the hyper-individualism that marks our modern Western societies. It is also inherent to the nature of deconstruction. In a way, you have to follow your own path and uphold others with regard to their own trajectory. As we meet one another we may hold each other accountable but without forcing a particular mindset on the other.”

Faith Deconstruction: What It Is and How It Works

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