Martin Buber (1878—1965)

Table of Contents

  1. Biography
  2. Philosophical Anthropology
    1. Introduction
    2. “I-Thou” and “I-It”
    3. Distance and Relation
    4. Confirmation and Inclusion
    5. Good and Evil
    6. Hindrances to Dialogue
  3. Religious Writings
    1. Hasidic Judaism
    2. Biblical Studies
  4. Political Philosophy
  5. Philosophy of Education
  6. References and Further Reading
    1. General
    2. Mythology
    3. Philosophical Works
    4. Political and Cultural Writing
    5. Religious Studies
    6. Secondary Sources

“From the beginning of his Zionist activities Buber advocated Jewish-Arab unity in ending British rule of Palestine and a binational state. In 1925 he helped found Brit Shalom (Covenant of Peace) and in 1939 helped form the League for Jewish-Arab Rapprochement and Cooperation, which consolidated all of the bi-national groups.”